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When it comes to composing presentation slides with extensive mathematical content, each of the slide creation platforms has at least one significant drawback. Whether it is Beamer and its steep learning curve, PowerPoint and its relative inefficiency with math, Google Slides and its complete lack of math capabilities, or some other platform, no one tool single-handedly offers an ideal solution. Additionally, if users desire creative flexibility, such as the ability to easily change fonts or colors, the platforms’ respective limitations can become even more pronounced. In a project that has been well suited for undergraduate research, the presenter and his team are actively developing new tools and enhancing existing ones to address these issues. This talk will discuss two such tools for PowerPoint. By using a new VBA macro and a modified version of a pre-existing, open source VBA add-in, users can have math creation and rendering capabilities largely on par with TEX’s, all while maintaining PowerPoint’s simplicity for all other tasks. These tools consequently greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to create slides with mathematical content. Time-permitting, the talk will also include brief discussion of long-term project goals, such as the team’s early inroads for web platforms and efforts to improve educators’ ability to meet the accessibility needs of students with visual impairments.



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