CARE Conference: Vulnerable Children and Viable Communities

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When diving into the world of vulnerable children, these individuals can be found among a variety of marginalized and forgotten people groups. These groups vary based on country, socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity as well as other factors. One group however, that can be found among every single classification of vulnerable children is the deaf child. Because the Deaf Community is not indigenous to a specific country or region, they can be found anywhere. It is unfortunate however, that although there is easy access to this community, it is perhaps one of the most overlooked people in the world. Gaining insight and awareness on those who fall into the category of deaf and hard of hearing is crucial to helping the children within this marginalized people group. Take into account the millions of children found in precarious situations and subject to all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation within the world of orphans and vulnerable children. Then add a communication barrier and the disconnect these children often experience, even within their own families, and the risk increases exponentially. This paper will focus specifically on deaf children with hearing parents within the United States and provide the reader with an overview of Deaf Culture, the misconceptions on deafness, an understanding of the vulnerability children within this demographic face, and the risks associated when the needs of these children are not met.


Undergraduate Student Paper