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President Donald J. Trump's presidency has been one of high critique as well as high praise for his "unprecedented" approach to governing. Both sides looking more towards his character as the reason for this "uniqueness" rather than to finite means of measurement. We took a statistically in-depth look into President Trump's governing style to determine if it could be factually proven that his unique governing style is truly different from that of past Presidents. We did this specifically through the lens of executive orders. We will search public databases and review historical models to see whether or not Trump's use of executive orders truly sets him apart from past Presidents in a way that can be statistically backed. We will be looking at the differences between our current administration's use of Executive Orders and our pasts to test for patterns that will lead us to our answer. We will document whether Trump's administration differs from the "run of the mill" Presidents of the past. Thus, allowing us to answer whether the "uniqueness" of Trump's administration is something of fact or fiction.


Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jakob Miller

Department: History, Global and Political Studies