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Prayer — Dr. Rader Begins His [Time as] Teacher and Lecturer at Taylor University — Memorial Hall — Girls’ Quartet Sings in Pittsburgh — [Good] Concerts — Dr. A. Verne Westlake — Ambitions for the Music Department at Taylor — Exactly — The New Members of Our Faculty — Revival Spirit — First Piano Recital of Season — Special Student Organize — Chapel Talk — What Then? — Student Registrar — Locals — From Catholicism to Christ — Travel Talk — “And It Was Dark And Jesus Was Not Come to Them” — Alumni News — Jokes — The Power of Choice — Radergrams — Chronicle — The Leaven of Modernism — Quartet Travels — Why the Modern Problems — Athletics — A Threshold Resolve for the Year — A Dozen “Rolling Shots” — “And He Went a Little Farther” — The Prayer Band — Holiness League — Volunteer Band — Soangetaha Debating Club — Eulogonian Debating Club — Eureka — Thalonian Literary Society — Philalethean Literary Society — Taylor University

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Taylor University


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Taylor University Echo: October 25, 1921



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