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Easter Greetings — The Pennsylvania Auxiliary — Anther Taylor University Connection — Upland Boys Taking Medical Training — Lecturer Coming — Intercollegiate Debating — T. U. Affirmative Team Loses To Butler — Local Echoes — Dr. Paul Makes Fine Impression on Upland Folks — Birthday Party — Alumni and Former Students — Rev. A. J. Dailey — Rev. C. W. Ruth — A Travelogue — The Holy Ghost and Holiness — Prayer Band — Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetical Diction — My Life-How Shall I Invest It? — Chronicles — Holiness League — Philalethian Literary Society — Volunteer Band — Cosmopolitan Club — Thalonian Literary Society — Soangetaha — Eulogonians — Eurekan Banquet — Eureka — Athletic Report — Jokes — When You Invest in Taylor’s Debt-Raising Campaign

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Taylor University


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Taylor University Echo: March 27, 1923

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