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The November 19,1926 edition of the Taylor University Echo.

Philos Present Novel Armistice Program – Scientist Demonstrates Marvels of Liquid Air – Prof. Pogue Issues New Volume – Prof. Southard Preaches on Heart Perfection – Eurekas Beat Eulogs 23 to 18 – Mnankas Debate for Extended Vacation – Student Conference to be Held at Michigan – Thalo New Members to Present Program – Section Two Wins Eureka Inter-Section Debate – Prayer Band Holds Unique Meeting – First Orchestra Recital to be Unusually Good – New York State Group Has Banquet – Saucier Priming Teams for Coming Conflicts – Hit And Miss – Suggestions for Xmas – Men’s Fashion Department – Badger Boosters Meet at Dr. Evans’ – The Inquiring Reporter – Juniors Entertain Class Officers – Open Forum Discussion – T. U. A. A. – A Museum? – Reflections From The Mirror – Editorial – “A Prophet Is Not without Honor, Save in His Own Country” – What’s The Matter With Fraternities? – Back The Inter-Club Debates – Change of Rules – Soangetahas Have Parliamentary Drill – Is Democracy Failing? – All Spice – Dr. Paul Returns from East – Women Preachers Lead Holiness League – Schedule of Men’s Teams – Sport Briefs – World News

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Taylor University Echo (November 19, 1926)



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