Quicklime Purity Analysis by Calorimetry

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Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research


A calorimeter and test method were designed and calibrated for the determination of CaO in quicklime samples for a local lime processing plant. Existing standard methods were either too cumbersome or results were too vague to meet the needs of this small startup company. The total temperature change as a result of quicklime slaking was normalized to the percent CaO present in the sample. Because CaO can react with moisture in the air, experiments were performed to determine the percent composition of the quicklime samples used in order to correct the observed calibration curve. The normalized ΔT versus % CaO data is now being used on site at the processing plant. In addition to presenting the creation of a reaction specific calorimeter and method, this work can serve as a model for successful collaboration with small businesses in need of single analytical capabilities.

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