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Scrapbook filled with pictures of campus views of Taylor University. It was presented as gift to unknown recipient, probably a member of the faculty or staff. The presenters of the gift include: Clair J. Snell, Gertrude Wamsley, Wayne York, Melvina Gleason, Robert Clark, Iva Hawkins, Hazel Chamberlain, Gertrude Jackson, Lila Hardenbrook, Edna Callahan, Marcius Taber, and Deane Irish.

It was probably presented in 1926, as it is the only year they were all present at the University as students. (They were also present in 1925 with the exception of Wayne York who was still in high school and interacted with the University through a special debate.) It is unclear who and what connected these students. Two possibilities are departments of study or student organizations/club. After the title page there is a photograph of a group of students dressed (as it appears) as banquet serving staff, as was common for certain literary society events.

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Upland, IN


Buildings and grounds, buildings, campus, campus buildings, administration building, Maria Wright Hall, Helena Gehman Hall, Shreiner Auditorium, Speicher Hall, Swallow-Robin Hall, dormitories, residence halls, Grocery, bookstore, Dining Hall, University Greenhouses, President’s Home, Sammy Morris, Sickler Hall, Swallow-Robin, Samuel Morris, Heating Plant, Magee-Campbell-Wisconsin Dormitory, MCW


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Scrapbook (1926)