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The Fall 1976 edition of Taylor Magazine, published by Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.





Publication Date

Fall 1976


Taylor University




missionaries, births, weddings, deaths, Taylor University, Alumni, Miss Michigan, Diane Kaye Hansen, beauty pageants, Christianity, culture, teaching, public figures, teachers, education, commitment, faith, salvation, relationship with Christ, Guatemala, earthquake, Barton Comstock, Marilyn (Stucky) Comstock, Reverencd Jay Comstock, Shirley (Lee) Comstock, Brooke (Comstock) Bruner, Paige Comstock, Dawn Comstock, missions, Project Partner with Christ Inc., James Comstock, Lois Comstock, church, relief, Wilson Paul, John Paul, trustees, presidents, college presidents, Doris (Atkinson) Paul, travels, stories, cross country, track, Trojans, Dave Whybrew, athletes, athletics, George Glass, Ruth Breuninger, testimonies, Nelson Rediger, Palmetto Cup, Boston Marathon, Peach Bowl, lectures, music, concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, sports, schedules, women’s volleyball, women’s field hockey, women’s tennis, men’s tennis, men’s football, men’s cross country, stories, football, Tadd Sutton, drug addiction, drugs, addictions, De Soto Caverns, careers, basketball, wrestling, women’s varsity basketball, children, chronic illness, Cystic Fibrosis, giving, taxes, donations


Education | Higher Education


Will Cleveland ’49 Editor

Lenetta Pratt, Class News Editor

In this Issue:

A Queen Without a Kingdom

Some Things are Right with America by Bob Sudomier, Staff Writer, Detroit News

Thank You Miss Mengle and Others by The Reverend Norman L. Marden ’49

The Company of the Uncommitted by The Reverend William J. Hill

What were you doing at 4:07 February 4th? by James Comstock ’51

No Time to Sit and Sun by Carla Freed, Michigan State University News Bulletin

A Very Average Guy

Coming Events

Sports News

He’s in a New Ball Game by Rick Koselke, Sports Writer, Marion Chronicle-Tribune

Danielle Marries a Caveman by Margaret Weaver, Cincinnati Post

Athletic Schedule

Life is for Living by Bobbie (Gillan) Larrison ’70

Class News

1976 Tex Reform and You (Giving ad)

Taylor University Magazine (Fall 1976)