This collection includes the newsletters and magazines published under the entities associated with the Fort Wayne Alumni Center.

Fort Wayne Bible Training School Bulletin, 1910-1911; Fellowship Circle Bulletin, 1916-1933;The Bible Vision, 1937-1953; The Vision, 1953-1975; Pulse, 1975-1980; Pulse/Lifelines, 1980-1986; Summit Record, 1987-1990, Fort Wayne Alumnus, 1992-2009, The Fort Wayne Falcon E-Newsletter, 2010-2016, The Vine, 2010-2018.

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The Vine (2010-2018)

The Fort Wayne Falcon E-Newsletter (2010-2016)

Fort Wayne Alumnus (1992-2009)

Summit Record (1987-1990)

Pulse & Lifelines (1975-1986)

The Vision (1953-1975)

The Bible Vision (1937-1953)

Fellowship Circle Bulletin (1916-1933)

Fort Wayne Bible Training School Bulletin (1910-1911)