About Institutional Repositories

What is an institutional repository?

An institutional repository (IR) is an online platform for collecting, preserving, and disseminating multiple formats of documents and media representing the intellectual and creative output of an institution.

Why is it called Pillars?

The image and nature of a pillar as a supporting structure is significant to this initiative, as this IR supports the legacy of Taylor's scholarship and creativity. In addition, pillars have been a feature of many significant current and historic buildings on the Taylor campus including residence halls, academic buildings, athletics facilities, the memorial prayer chapel, and the Rice bell tower which signifies the integration of faith and learning.

Who can submit content and what types of content can be submitted?

Current Taylor University students, faculty, and staff including individuals, groups, departments, and organizations sponsored by or closely affiliated with Taylor University can submit content for inclusion. The types of content supported in Pillars includes student research and creative works; faculty publications, research, and data; electronic theses and dissertations; content from departments, centers, and institutes; grant-funded research; conference proceedings; campus life materials and campus documents; and archives and special collections. In addition to singular documents, Pillars supports audio, video, and multimedia files as well as journals and books.

Taylor University’s institutional repository, Pillars, provides access to scholarly and creative content produced by University constituents. The opinions and sentiments expressed by the authors of content available in Pillars do not necessarily indicate the endorsement or reflect the views of Taylor University, its employees, or its students. The authors are solely responsible for the content of their work. Please address questions to pillars@taylor.edu.

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