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The January interim term at Calvin College provides an opportunity for developing and teaching courses outside a normal major program. As a result faculty members are frequently given the interim off to provide time for research and development of new courses. In 1987 we were given such a leave in order to pursue the questions of the relationship between mathematics and the Christian Faith. One result was our presentation at the 1987 Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences conference. Immediately thereafter we began to develop a specific interim course based on our studies. We offered the course during the 1988 interim, but it failed to achieve the required minimum enrollment because of a strategic blunder on our part. We did not think it necessary to have the course count in a major program and, quiete honestly, feared that our department might not approve the course for such a purpose. With some modifications we proposed the course again for 1989, this time obtaining approval for including the courses in a major program. This brought 15 students into the fold, about half of whom were in mathematics education. The others were mathematics majors except for one philosophy major and one computer science major.


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