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As computers have revolutionized math research in disciplines as disparate as number theory and bioinformatics, it is natural for us to introduce our students to technology in ways beyond mere homework-checking. However, most familiar programs are either not comprehensive enough to encompass all the math in our curriculum, or are very expensive and accessible only in a lab or with a student license. The open source software package Sage addresses all of these issues.

Sage is suitable for discovery and computation in introductory courses such as calculus or linear algebra, while also being ideal for use in upper-level courses or undergraduate research. This is not merely because it is free and comprehensive, although it is both! Its most important asset for education is its notebook interface, accessible through any reasonably modern web browser, which enables effortless document sharing and commenting for any number of users. This talk will share a few ways the speaker has used it at all levels of the undergraduate experience and give ideas for use in other contexts.


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