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In the present paper we introduce the Logic Loop as a nuanced ontology that weaves perspectives from various individual ontological positions. In Section 2 of the paper, we turn to various case studies as support for the Logic Loop. In Section 3, the Logic Loop is compared with three of the various ontological positions to show none sufficiently illustrates the Logic Loop’s makeup. In Section 4 we distinguish three broad categories of ontologies that will help us understand their importance as well as how the Logic Loop can address each of the three. In Section 5 we suggest a list of seven ontological concerns for a Christian mathematician, and through these we formally introduce the Logic Loop. Section 6 argues that a Christian mathematician that subscribes to the Logic Loop will see the practice of mathematics as a habit of grace or a liturgy. Section 7 concludes the paper by highlighting the freedom in the ontology of mathematics that accompanies the Logic Loop.