The BCTLE Podcast is a biweekly discussion between Timothy Berkey, an instructor of Communication, and BCTLE session guest hosts. Each week, Timothy will follow up on big ideas from guest host sessions, dive deeper, explore resources, and learn more about how Taylor faculty integrate faith and learning in the classroom.

At the BCTLE, we want our faculty to know we see and appreciate how much they pour into their students and hope they come away each episode feeling encouraged and equipped to make Monday just a little bit better.

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Submissions from 2021

Episode 10: Spiritual Health with Jon Cavanagh, Timothy Berkey and Jon Cavanagh

Episode 9: Learning in the Archives with Professor Ashley Chu, Timothy Berkey and Ashley Chu

Episode 7: Designing for Learning with Dr. Carie King, Timothy Berkey and Carie King

Episode 6: Learning in the Library with Lana Wilson, Timothy Berkey and Lana Wilson

Episode 5: Caring Beyond Commencement with Brad Yordy, Timothy Berkey and Brad Yordy

Episode 4: Transposing Pedagogy with Dr. Leon Harshenin, Timothy Berkey and Leon Harshenin

Episode 3: Regular Rhythms with Dr. John Moore, Timothy Berkey and John Moore

Episode 2: Total Participation with Dr. Melissa Jessup, Timothy Berkey and Melissa Jessup

Episode 1: Meet your host, Timothy Berkey, Timothy Berkey