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Fall 2023


Fear, unrest, and hopelessness were just some of the emotions that marked those living in Judah during the time that Isaiah was writing. Following the realization of the reality that Judah is to be destroyed, Isaiah was motivated to give prophetic words of encouragement to the people. He wrote to shed light on the great plan God had for His people and the ultimate righteousness, hope, and peace that He promises His people. For many today the emotions of fear, restlessness, and desolation are everyday occurrences as people wrestle with hopelessness amidst a world that seems to be falling apart. At first glance Isaiah may not be the initial place in the Bible that Christians look to for comfort amidst hardship, however, upon further investigation it is clear to see the promises given by the Lord in Isaiah 11:1-10. This paper will take a deep dive into the first ten verses of the eleventh chapter of Isaiah, examining the words of Isaiah for the people in Judah. Then, it will move into how Isaiah connects to the overarching themes present in the Bible that bring us back to the heart of God, these themes include seeing the Messianic promise, Kingdom of Christ, and reconciliation in God.


Course: BIB 462, Biblical Theology (Dr. Greg MaGee)



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