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Fall 2023


Genesis, the great first book of the Bible, concludes with a redemptive and reconciliatory scene between Joseph and his brothers that strikes the heart of those. Joseph had endured much hardship at the hands of his brothers, having been sold by them into Egyptian slavery and then thrown into prison when he was falsely accused of sexual assault by Potiphar’s wife. Through it all, however, he remained faithful to God and was entrusted with authority over all of Egypt to lead them through a famine that would have otherwise devastated the entire region. This scene in Genesis 50 testifies to God’s sovereignty to bring about his will and faithfully uphold his promises, even in the midst of great evil and suffering. Through Joseph’s example, we can have confidence that the Lord is faithful to bring about his holy, pleasing, and perfect will in the lives of those who are obedient to his guidance.


Course: BIB 462, Biblical Theology (Dr. Greg MaGee)



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