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Spring 2024


Often, in large group settings there can be a tendency to stick to one’s own in-group. This tendency then leads to the diminishing and exclusion of those outside of that particular group. In the early church, this was the story of the Gentile believers who, despite receiving the same life through the sacrifice of Christ were subject to discrimination, cultivating an inferiority complex in many of the early believers. Paul attempts to critique this trend by highlighting not only the grace extended to all but the intentional life, death, and resurrection of Christ that enables all believers to be citizens of the kingdom and members of God’s household. This paper dives into the second chapter of Ephesians, verses eleven through twenty-two to examine the words of Paul for both Gentile and Jewish believers. Then, this paper will highlight how Paul's words connect to the greater Biblical story and connect to God's heart for Unity in His people.


Course: BIB 462, Biblical Theology (Dr. Greg MaGee)



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