Taylor University's Computer Science and Engineering Department understands the value of a love of learning; students can never learn as well as when driven by their own initiative. This is why we work to create a learning environment that encourages students to want to learn.

While at Taylor, CSE Students will receive an exceptional education that provides them with a supportive learning community, state of the art facilities, invaluable real-world experience, and important research and project opportunities.

As a Liberal Arts school, we integrate faith with learning through a well-rounded education that teaches students a wonder for God and His creation and prepares them to flourish not only in the workplace, but in all areas of life.

Department Co-Chairs: Stefan Brandle, PhD, and Jonathan Denning, PhD


Submissions from 2022


Envisage Planner Archive, Tim Swanson


New Worlds VR, Mitchell Toth and Wilson Secaur


Panic Engine - A Game Engine, Zachary Winters

Submissions from 2021


Processing and Visualizing Satellite Data, Caleb Collier


PSL-An Expert System to Evaluate Degree Plans, Robert Swanson