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Over the month of January, 2022, the developers built a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) game as part of the "New Worlds" engineering class project. New Worlds is a single-axis treadmill system designed for integration with VR. The goal is to immerse the user in a virtual world while walking on a physical track. As the engineers worked hard on the treadmill, the developers' task was to create this immersive VR world from scratch. They learned the necessary tools, decided on a theme, and built a cave featuring intense lighting, tunnels and caverns, and interactive elements that encourage single-axis exploration. They created a player model that overcomes the challenges of immersive VR movement and wrote a network-based solution to interface with the treadmill’s data and move the player programmatically. The result was a successful collaboration that added to the developers knowledge of VR, game design, and perceptions of immersion.


COS 492 (Computer Science Senior Project), Prof. Ben Roller

Additional files include New Worlds VR documentation.