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Fall 2023


This short story was originally written for Advanced Creative Writing. I was inspired by a little bird that tapped on the window of a study room on 2 Breu. I wondered if he was looking in at me to say 'hello'. I knew I wanted to write a story about a bird who lived in the Breu parking lot, but the story didn't click until I found another character to befriend him. As I scratched out ideas, I heard the little voice of a bug delightfully shouting about the time he found an entire potato chip in the parking lot, and Bird and Bix was born. The parking lot and building ("The Behemoth") were based off Breuninger Hall. I'm honored that Libby Denckhoff and Sutton Frederick created pieces inspired by my story. I pray my story and their artwork is a blessing to those who need it!


Collaboration with Sutton Frederick (ART 151) in Fall 2023. See Sutton's relief print related to this short story:

Course: ENG 410, Advanced Creative Writing (Prof. Dan Bowman)

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