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Walter Wangerin Jr. and George MacDonald, authors of The Book of the Dun Cow and The Light Princess respectively, created the self-serving characters Chauntecleer the Rooster and the cursed princess. Both characters, ignorant about the subtle strength of those around them and the power of a sacrificial act against encroaching evil, are shown their own insufficiency through the sacrifice of their humble and believed-to-be inconsequential companions. Both companions, Mundo Cani Dog and the prince, willingly sacrifice their lives to conquer the evil powers that threaten lands and to save those whom they love. The actions and behaviors of all four characters show that only humble characters can clearly understand their position and strength and therefore be able to bear the responsibility and weight of final sacrifice.


Course: ENG 493, Senior Capstone (Dr. Lorne Mook)

Faculty Project Advisor: Dr. Carie King