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Women's voices, with their clear potential to contribute to the essential composition and continuance of many of the most revered and longed for values in human life, have not always been easy to hear.

But, no more - not as we journey into the new millennium. Authentic Voices: Women of Insight Talk About Real-Life Challenges places women's considerable capability fully within the massive paradigm shift predicted following World War II, launched with zest in the '60s and '70s, and becoming ever more normative now in the 21st century.

Perhaps both in spite of, as well as because of, events that have transpired historically, religiously, and culturally, women's voices can be more readily heard and their messages of peace, civility, stability, and compassion - vital complements to existing forces - can now be acknowledged.



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Taylor University Press


Upland, IN


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Authentic Voices grew out of the observation and acknowledgement that real-life experiences are valuable resources for learning, testing, and communicating important wisdoms for living. This book constitutes a forum for women to express themselves and to reveal the rich lessons they derived from the events that have made up their lives. This book represents a "first" in the 159-year history of Taylor University, and, to that end, voices from the institution's past are also included in the special chapter devoted exclusively to historically posthumous voices: Venerable Voices/Modern Messages, an unabridged version of which is housed in the University archives for additional study or research.

Names of persons other than the writer have been omitted or changed in the contemporary entries, as have many specific location names. We honor each writer's openness and willingness to communicate with courage the often deep inner conflicts, sufferings, and victories they have experienced along life's road. Each author whose words appear herein assumes full responsibility for the information and views expressed by her. Neither the content nor the views expressed are those of the editors or the publisher.

Authentic Voices: Women of Insight Talk about Real-Life Challenges