The Effects of Acute Exercise and Meat Fasting/Feasting on Urinary 3-methylhistidine by Liquid Chromatrography - Mass Spectrometry

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Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research


In an effort to adapt and demonstrate LCMS capabilities to assist in muscle physiology research, urinary 3MH was monitored by LCMS following various bouts of exercise (endurance, interval, and resistance training) at two hour intervals. The results indicate that the approach is sensitive enough to observe exercise-induced urinary 3MH fluctuations. The disparity in 3MH responses among the subjects suggests that the metabolic responses to exercise may be very individualized. Additionally, a meat fast and feast study was performed to determine the appropriate length for meat fasting prior to a 3MH study. The results indicate that 24 hours should be sufficient for basal 3MH levels to be reached which is significantly shorter than standard protocols describe.

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