The s-homodesmotic method for the computation of conventional strain energies of bicyclic systems and individual rings within these systems

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International Journal of Quantum Chemistry


The s‐homodesmotic method for computing conventional strain energies (CSE) has been extended for the first time to bicyclic systems and to individual rings within these systems. Unique isodesmic, homodesmotic, and hyperhomodesmotic reactions originate from the s‐homodesmotic method. These are used to investigate 12 bicyclic systems comprising cyclopropane and cyclobutane and how the CSE of each system compares to the sum of the individual rings within each. Equilibrium geometries, harmonic vibrational frequencies, and the corresponding electronic energies and zero point vibrational energy corrections are computed for all relevant molecules using second‐order perturbation theory and density functional theory (B3LYP) with the correlation consistent basis sets cc‐pVDZ and cc‐pVTZ. Single‐point CCSD(T) energies are computed at the MP2/cc‐pVTZ optimized geometries to ascertain the importance of higher order correlation effects. Results indicate that CSEs are additive when the two rings are separated by one or two bonds and somewhat additive in other cases.

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