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Fall 2023


Islamic religion and culture are often misunderstood, misrepresented, and consequently most vilified in the world, despite comprising well over a fifth of the world population. This paper attempts to discern Islam's view on violence/non-violence, the factors that lead to religious extremism, and what countering violent extremist movements and rehabilitation look like. While it is important to recognize that this religion/faith/worldview is not understood in the same way or prioritized to the same degree by each and every Muslim, this paper hopes to become a resource for de-bunking the misguided beliefs about Islam in today's media linking ideas such as terrorism to Islam as a religion. Researching and educating oneself on beliefs held within Islam’s sacred texts becomes ever more important. As terrorism "remains one of the major threats facing the world today," correcting Muslim and non-Muslim misconceptions about Islam and soft power rehabilitation efforts becomes critical for moving towards a more peaceful world.


Course: GBS 480, Global Studies Senior Seminar (Dr. Kevin Johnson)