Global Studies majors are interested in the workings of the world and are curious about how individual events make a global impact. Our students build a foundational knowledge of geography, history, and world politics and experience firsthand how to work in an international environment during an intensive, semester-long practicum abroad.

All Global Studies majors culminate their degrees in writing original theses that connect their hands-on experiences with class information and real-world issues.


Submissions from 2021


A Comparative Analysis Between the Palestinians of Lebanon and Jordan, Kassidy Grace Hall


Peacebuilding through Education - The Shared Education Program: The Current Key to Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland Schools and Societies, Emily Grace VanHuis

Submissions from 2020


On the Shores of Greece: EU Migration Policy in the 2015 Refugee Crisis Through the Lens of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework, Victoria MacDonald

Submissions from 2019


Resettling Female Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo: Obstacles and Their Implications for Intervention, Makenzie Jo Winger Pasma