Taylor’s History program will enables students to follow their curiosity while challenging their assumptions about how the world works, sharpening their ability to make connections, and teaching them to think critically.

Students learn to pose questions, identify sources, examine historical accounts, and consider connections between geography, culture, politics, economics, and religion. In every course, students consider the underpinnings of societies, whether they be religious, political, philosophical, or cultural.

History classes at Taylor cover a vast array of topics and time periods in both American and world history. American history classes cover colonial America, constitutional law, African-American history, women in American history, and more.


Submissions from 2022


From Disengagement to Intervention: The Chinese Civil War, Korean War, and the Paradigm Shift of the U.S. Foreign Policy in East Asia, HoSung Jung

Submissions from 2021


Perpetua and the Role of Women in the Third Century A.D, Brady Roberts