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Fall 2020


“We believe Dr. King’s life and deeds are a symbol for the entire world, and that he was a leader for all Americans. Taylor should honor him for the causes he advocated as well as his essential Christian approach. We should honor him not because he was perfect, but that he was a man of vision. We believe the U.S. was morally asleep until awakened by Dr. King” (Mucher et al., 1992). There is no doubt that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential person whose lasting impact is still relevant today. The members of the 1992 Student Senate at Taylor University thought likewise. This student-led group felt that the accomplishments and impact of Dr. King were important and worthy of being recognized on their college campus. In this paper, I will provide a biographical sketch of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Taylor University, as well as an analysis of the impact that the decision to honor this day had on the institution. Finally, I will discuss the importance of this celebration and the lasting impact it has had on the university as well as implications for higher education as a whole.


HED550, Dr. Skip Trudeau