Master of Arts in Higher Education (MAHE) Theses

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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Todd Ream

Second Advisor

Drew Moser

Third Advisor

Tom Jones


Research concerning student experience and perception of chapel programs at Christian colleges is severely lacking (Morrison, 2014). However, relevant literature on secularization and the rising impact of spirituality on today’s students reveals chapel programs to be a critical intersection for the spiritual life of a Christian institution and its students. This study sought to explore and describe student perceptions and experience of the chapel program at Taylor University for the 2016-2017 academic year. The study implemented an embedded mixed methods design consisting of two surveys administered to the entire campus community; one survey administered at regular intervals to a group of students; and three focus groups. The results tell of the impact specific elements such as worship, speakers, and scripture have on students and an overall positive perception of the program. Chapel administrators at Taylor can utilize this study as they consider implementing changes in both the practice and vision of the chapel program. In addition, the information regarding student perceptions and experience in this study can serve chapel administrators around the country as they seek to improve and enhance the spiritual lives of their students.