Volume 1994 Parnassus

From the Editor:

Parnassus 1994 carries the torch of a Taylor tradition that has been passed, year to year, issue to issue, since the 1960’s. This year we’ve included a few essays and a few faculty submissions, and we’ve grown to 100 pages, with over 30 students contributing.

Parnassus 1994 is dedicated to all the previous editors of Parnassus.

Thanks to the staff, advisor Richard Hill, judge Edward Dinse, the many contributors, and you, the reader.

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Robert John Donahue
Poetry Editor
Lisa Angerer
Fiction Editor
Karen Stafford
Essay Editor
Jonathan Ehren
Public Relations
Jonathan Nelson
Andrea Boeve
Danielle Jarrett
Bethany Lee
Derek Powell
Kate Robertson
Charity Smith
Curtis Strohl
Faculty Advisor
Professor Richard Hill


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