Volume 2014 Parnassus

Letter from the Editor

Reality is shrouded in shadow. Art invites us to enter the deep, dark places, feel their reality, and name them. The journey into shadow requires deep courage, yet sometimes it is what we are most afraid of that we must run towards. I profoundly respect the authentic honesty of pieces like “Tomorrow” and “Drug Addiction.” They allow us to enter darkness and emerge with a spark of hope: we aren’t alone.

One spark can fuel a fire. Watch it ignite, move into light—and look, the shadows dance beside the flames. Shadow and light are inextricably linked, each presupposing the other’s existence. We need art true to this paradox, art that understands what Ursula K. Le Guin meant when she said, “When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”

As the staff and I dreamed about this book, we hoped it would draw you into that mystery, into the beautiful complexity of human experience. These pieces have done that for us.

My work with Parnassus reminded me of the joy companionship brings. I couldn’t have asked for better people to partner with. The staff wholeheartedly embraced the rich, messy process I so believe in. Their creativity, faithfulness and ready humor filled our meetings with laughter and inside jokes.

Taylor Blake’s attention to detail and beautiful design created a lovely unity from these many pieces. Dr. Housholder provided invaluable companionship and wisdom—from beginning brainstorming to cross-campus advertising, from difficult acceptance decision to final edits. I appreciate his concern for excellence, but even more deeply admire his genuine care for each individual he encounters.

Thanks also to the judges for their work on our behalf. I’m grateful to the English department, not only for the rich legacy of Parnassus, but for the dedication, excellence and kindness each professor embodies.

Thanks to all of you who shared your work with us. We don’t take for granted the privilege of bringing your work into light. Thanks to you—yes, you—reading these words. We hope this book sparks something inside you and somehow moves you into the light you’re seeking.

If art fuels the good life, then let the fire burn.

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Parnassus Staff

Diana Meakem
Maria Martin
Taylor Blake
Megan Adams
Hannah Haney
Matt Klingstedt
Malinda Patterson
Caroline Riofredo
Anna Soden
Veronica Toth
Faculty Adviser
Dr. Aaron Housholder


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