Volume 2015 Parnassus

Letter from the Editor

People tell stories. We tell them to entertain, to move, to remember that which otherwise might be forgotten. Whatever medium they exist in, be it prose, poetry, or the visual arts, stories act as the lifeblood of humanity. Throughout the history of literature and art, we see that which is most vital carried from generation through the telling of stories. They act as a chronicle of the things that can’t be experienced through simply recalling facts. In art, we see the emotion, the humanity, and the beauty of the human story. In Parnassus 2015, it is this legacy of truth-telling that the staff and myself wanted to honor.

Through the work of compiling this journal, I was reminded of the beauty of collaboration. I couldn’t have asked for a better staff. I appreciated the unique contribution of each one so much, and I’m thankful for the input, ideas, and energy that they brought to each meeting. The beautiful cover design was created by our brilliant lead designer, Sarah Ellis, who put hours of time into formatting the journal. I loved working alongside her creativity and dedication to good art. Dr. Housholder, our faculty adviser, was a constant inspiration and encouragement to me. I respect and admire so many things about him. He had an incredible way of offering advice and support, while allowing myself and the staff to lead the project.

And to the artists, thank you. We were honored to be trusted with your stories, your artwork, and your poems. These pieces of yourself that you have entrusted this journal with are sacred, because they are parts of your story. Thank you for letting use enter into them with you, and for letting them become part of a story that is larger than your own. With your voices, there would be no Parnassus 2015. Thank you for having the courage to let them be heard.

Together, these pieces have become Chronicle. They are tree rings telling of the years which have passed, footprints in the snow showing us from where we’ve come. Let us enter into these stories together, as a chronicle to remind us that art shows us the threads of our common humanity, that it serves to record the things for which our hearts beat.

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Malinda Patterson
Lead Designer
Sarah Elaine Ellis
Suzanne Elornata Rhee
Nate Stout
Paula Weinman
Rebecca Hartman
Davis Wetherell
S. Taylor Hughes
Michael Prihoda
Adam Kelly
Veronica Toth
Caroline Nurkkala
Sarah Lyons
Dr. Aaron Housholder


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