Volume 2016 Parnassus

Letter from the Editor

The creation of art is often not a gentle process. Rather, it is one that requires much of both the artist or writer, and those who interact with the piece. To create something of beauty asks for great effort, great honesty, and great humility. It was the violence and energy often inherent in this act that the staff and I wanted to highlight with this year’s theme of Forge.

My staff and I entered into this process ourselves as we took on the task of assembling Parnassus 2016. It was an honor to partner with them to create what is now Forge. Creation is so often a lonely endeavor, and it is a gift to be given a chance to enter into creative collaboration with a group of talented individuals. I have especially appreciated my partnership with our faculty advisor, Dr. Aaron Housholder, and our lead designer, Sarah Ellis. Over the two years that we’ve worked on Parnassus together, Dr. Housholder has become more than just a faculty advisor or a professor, he’s become a friend. I so appreciate his unending support and advice. I couldn’t have asked for a better faculty advisor. Sarah spent countless hours formatting and designing the book itself. I admire her creativity and dedication to good art. She is both talented and thoughtful, and a joy to work with.

And thank you to our artists and writers. Without you, there would be no Parnassus 2016. To trust us and the rest of your campus with your work is an act of bravery. Thank you for giving us your stories.

I have been so honored to be the head editor of Parnassus for the past two years. My involvement with this journal has been a defining part of my time at Taylor University. It’s been a gift to do good work alongside people dedicated to the same ideas and goals that I am. I will miss my time working with this journal deeply.

And now, we’ve reached the end of the process. The pieces have been fit together, and are now something larger than they would have on their own. To create and to interact openly with pieces of art is an act that refines us. We have found ourselves changed by this process, and it is our hope that as you read Forge, you find yourself, in some small way, changed as well.

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Malinda Patterson
Lead Designer
Sarah Elaine Ellis
Suzanne Eloranta Rhee
Paula Weinman
S. Taylor Huges
Caroline Nurkkala
Dakota Ellis
Kelli Jean Collins
Rachel Roberts
Shelby Sims
Dr. Aaron Housholder


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