Volume 2023 Parnassus

Letter from the Editor

“Prismatica” is the Latin translation of prismatic, defined as prism-shaped, being brightly colored, or a series of things stacked in a prism-like pattern, like honeycomb. But Latin is dead and Parnassus is alive, so as a staff, we created our own definition of Prismatica. Now, it’s a noun. It is the process of light turning to color, of one thing multiplying and building something bigger than itself.

Art is what happens at the end of Prismatica. Art teaches us to look beyond ourselves, to place ourselves in a larger context, and inspires us to see the brilliant color around us.

The pages you are about to see contain the purest form of Prismatica.

The art in this journal is brilliant and beautiful and, dare I say it, prismatic. My wish for you as you encounter it is that you let yourself be moved and changed by what the artists have to share—I certainly have been.

I have spent hours sitting with this art, wrestling with its place in the journal, holding it like the precious thing it is, and letting it show me the pieces of the world it has to share. How lucky I am to have been the one to do so.

To my staff, I cannot thank you enough for all of the thought and care you gave to the journal this year, and for all the times I asked you to run around campus during each wave of advertising. You made my job a joy as we endeavored to make a journal together from scratch. I’d say we made a good one.

To our faculty advisor Dr. Aaron Housholder, thank you for knowing what to say and which questions to ask. Your wisdom has been invaluable throughout this process; working with you has been a privilege.

To our designer Mer Fenton, thank you for your continued love of this journal and beautiful work on these pages. And thank you, always, for your friendship.

To the artists who fill these pages, thank you. Trusting us with your work during the submission process is an act of bravery and generosity we do not take for granted. Your work has found a home here, and, as should happen in a good home, it is cherished.

And to you, dear reader, thank you for picking up this edition of Parnassus. We hope you enjoy.

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Abigail Franklin
Katherine Bodkin
Hannah EJ Crowe
Jason John
Jenna King
Annie Meldrum
Mitch Renbarger
Kharis Rutherford
Cara Young
Mer Fenton
Cover Artist
Quinn Miles
Dr. Aaron Housholder


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