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"The Arab-Israeli Cookbook" is a verbatim play written by British playwright Robin Soans. The script was created as a result of a collaboration with two directors, one Arab and one Jewish. The three of them went to Israel and interviewed a wide variety of people including farmers, fishermen, photographers, students, the young, the old, the orthodox, the unorthodox, those who were pessimistic and those who were hopeful. Soans used the interviewees' own words to tell their stories—to give voice to those caught up in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The composite picture that emerges in their stories demonstrates that regardless of labels and politics, ordinary people are more alike than different.

Artistic Director

Jessica Rousselow

Technical Director

Terrance Volden

Publication Date



Upland, IN


politics, interviews, drama, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Jason Francis Scholarship


Acting | Arts and Humanities | Dance | Education | Higher Education | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


The Jason Francis Memorial Scholarship Show

The Arab-Israeli Cookbook

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