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The playbill for Taylor University’s performance of Why We Must Die So Young: The Story of the White Rose Martyrs by William Gebby.

Performed February 23-25, 2018 at the Mitchell Theatre.

During the darkest days of WWII, a handful of German college students distributed thousands of anti-Nazi leaflets and worked toward unifying resistance across Germany. They called themselves the White Rose, and their faith drew them to engage in a fight that would cost them their lives. William Gebby’s brand new play celebrates the lives of these brave young people who would not and will not be silent. The TU Theatre students have worked with the playwright to workshop the play and present it for it’s first-ever performance.

Artistic Director

Tracy Manning

Technical Director

Terrance Volden

Publication Date



Upland, IN


World War II, Nazi, Germany, historical, Taylor Touring Company, drama, The White Rose


Acting | Arts and Humanities | Dance | Education | Higher Education | Playwriting | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History

Why We Must Die So Young: The Story of the White Rose Martyrs

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