Most Recent Additions*


Jolene Cassellius, Shannon Schans, Brian Powell, Glen Kinoshita, Michael Santarosa, Carol Harding, Ryan K. Giffin, and Jesse Brown


Connie Horton, Mark Davis, Eric Lowdermilk, Justin Heth, Caleb Farmer, Sharon Virkler, Philip D. Byers, David M. Johnstone, Jeff Rioux, Joshua Canada, Nicole Braddock Bromley, and Kim Stave


Quicklime Purity Analysis by Calorimetry
Kelly Pugh, Ryan Poe, and Daniel King


Mechanisms of the Ethynyl Radical Reaction with Molecular Oxygen
Michael Bowman, Alexandra Burke, Justin Turney, and Henry Schaefer III


Faculty Newsletter
Linda K. Taylor


Glycan analysis of recombinant Aspergillus niger endo-polygalacturonase A
Bryan D. Woosley, Young Hwan Kim, V.S. Kumar Kolli, Lance Wells, Dan King, Ryan Poe, Ron Orlando, and Carl Bergmann


Analysis of Iron and Calcium in a Geothermal System Outflow Stream
Timothy Griffiths, Emily Hart, Patricia Stan, and Daniel King


A Computational Approach to Understanding Crop Disease Resistance and Susceptibility
Andy Davisson, Katie Speidel, Jason Stegink, and Daniel King


Writing Instrument Profiles for Mastery of Instrumental Analysis
Daniel King, Jorge Fernandez, and Ruth Nalliah


The Effects of Acute Exercise and Meat Fasting/Feasting on Urinary 3-methylhistidine by Liquid Chromatrography - Mass Spectrometry
Daniel King, Kim Cleary, Scott Fenstermacher, Brayton Kiedrowski, Ben Hayes, Olivia Auell, Caroline Chow, and Erik Hayes


Integrated TGA, FTIR, and Computational Laboratory Experiment
Andrew T. Pemberton, D. Brandon Magers, and Daniel A. King


Comprehensive glycan analysis of recombinant Aspergillus niger endo-polygalacturonase C
Bryan Woosley, Min Xie, Lance Wells, Ron Orlando, Derek Garrison, Daniel King, and Carl Bergmann

*Updated as of 01/21/19.