The Science Seminar is compiled of a variety of speakers and disciplines, from well-seasoned professors and some beginning their careers. In this series, external guests and internal Taylor professors share research from their own experiences, illustrating how we advance science for collective and personal benefits and utilize our knowledge to advance theoretical understanding and practical applications in the natural and applied sciences.


Submissions from 2019

Learning to be Faith and Learning Integrated: The Metacognition of an Evangelical Student, John Moore

Engineering in the Third World, Peter Staritz

Engaging Students in Medicinal and Renewable Energy Related Research Projects, Vincent Sichula

PTSD and TBI: the Signature Wounds of Afghanistan, Steven Dalcher

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology and Solar Outreach., Danielle Nobles-Lookingbill

Heme-containing proteins in the Malaria Parasite, Daniel Kaluka

Lie Algebras and Their Applications, Elyse Rogers

Angular Displacement Control of a Torsional Plant, Yang Zhao

What Are Taste Receptors Doing in Bone?, Brian Dewar

Local Food Systems for Sustainability, Phil Grabowski

The Effect of Activity Level and Caloric Intake on a Brain-Health Hormone, BDNF” and “The Mapping of Hardness Ion Mobility Across Taylor Lake, Dan King