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Spring 2022


The New Worlds System is a physical and computational mechanism via which a user can move in a single axis. When they move, they are contained within the system and presented with a visual virtual reality in which they move in an unbounded environment. The focus of my contribution has been to develop software to command the moving parts of the system to keep the user within the physical system, to develop software which analyses the physical locations of the user's feet and shoulders, and to integrate the information gathered by the sensors and motors into an end-to-end system.


Engineering Project Symposium, Senior Project (ENP 493, Senior Capstone), Dr. Peter Staritz

Streaming video and slide deck from presentation included.

Additional Contributors: Addison Johnson, Andrew Scherer, Evan Anderson, John Pugsley, Kaylee Bozarth, Noah Michel, Teegan Heiniger, Gariel Wehrle, Calvin Ochs, Rose Sharer

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