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A review of A History of Mathematics, by Victor J. Katz, HarperCollins 1993.

This Book is undeniably a great book. Katz has exerted enormous effort to give a careful and complete summary of the whole history of mathematics, and he has succeeded. It is a job well done.

Of course, the book is not perfect. As far as I know, only one author has ever written a perfect book, and Katz's book does have some flaws as well as many strengths. In particular, it has some special flaws from the point of view of a spiritual person–as well as some strengths which a spiritual person can appreciate better than anyone else (1 Co 2:15). After making brief comments on the level of Katz's book, I am going, in this review, to look at each chapter in turn, commenting on it from a Christian point of view.


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