CARE Conference: Vulnerable Children and Viable Communities

The CARE Conference exists to advance the collective, interdisciplinary conversation for those called to Christ-centered work with vulnerable children and viable communities.

By gathering strategic thought leaders from across the globe, the CARE Conference will provide opportunities for students to dialogue with experts, present their own research in a collaborative environment, and hone best practices. Those who attend will leave encouraged in their calling and equipped in their field.


Submissions from 2020

CARE Conference Chapel - Dr. Conor & Mrs. Kerri Angell & Dr. Carol Sisson, Conor Angell, Kerri Angell, and Carol Sisson


Cultural Factors that Influence Domestic Adoption in South Africa, Greta N. Buckenberger

CARE Conference Chapel - Michael Gerson, Michael Gerson


Deaf Children in a Hearing World, Kara Head


Reactive Attachment Disorder in Children, Lindy Ruth Rader


CARE Conference Program 2020, Kara Riggleman


CARE Conference Schedule 2020, Kara Riggleman

Submissions from 2017

CARE Conference Chapel - Beth Guckenberger, Beth Guckenberger


CARE Conference Program 2017, Scott Moeschberger