Chapel at Taylor encompasses all stages that students might be in their faith. Students engage in worship and scriptural teachings that further the Taylor community in a spiritually inspired way.

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Submissions from 2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Baccalaureate Chapel, Jeff Wallace, Jeffrey J. Wallace, 5-15-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Senior Share Chapel, Taylor University, 5-13-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Honors Chapel, Taylor University, 5-11-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Dave and Dina Horne, Dave Horne and Dina Horne, 5-8-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Rev. Dan Blosser, Dan Blosser, 5-6-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Jon Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 5-4-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Liz Forkin-Bohannon, Liz Forkin-Bohannon, 5-1-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Rob Brendle, Rob Brendle, 4-29-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Residence Life Chapel, Taylor University, 4-27-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Richard Allen Farmer, Richard Allen Farmer, 4-24-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Skye Jethani, Skye Jethani, 4-22-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Beth Guckenberger, Beth Guckenberger, 4-20-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: J.R. Briggs, J.R. Briggs, 4-17-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Aaron & Jill Boyd, Aaron Boyd and Jill Boyd, 4-15-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Nirup Alphonse, Nirup Alphonse, 4-8-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Easter Chapel, Taylor University, 4-6-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Provost Michael Hammond, Michael Hammond, 4-3-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Phil Collins, Phil Collins, 4-1-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: President Paige Cunningham, Paige Comstock Cunningham, 3-30-2020

VIRTUAL CHAPEL: Jon Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 3-20-2020

Rick Sailo Thang, Rick Sailo Thang, 3-11-2020

Ivry Johnson, Ivry Johnson, 3-9-2020

Brian Post, Brian Post, 3-4-2020

Sexuality and the Body Week: Kelly Powers-Gutierrez, Kelly Powers-Gutierrez, 3-2-2020

OVC Care Conference: Michael Gerson, Michael Gerson, 2-28-2020

OVC Care Conference, Taylor University, 2-26-2020

Stu Davis, Executive Director, COSILoveYou, Stu Davis, 2-24-2020

Pastor Jon Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 2-17-2020

Sho Baraka, Sho Baraka, 2-14-2020

Spiritual Renewal: Colin Smith (Morning), Colin Smith, 2-12-2020

Spiritual Renewal: Colin Smith (Evening), Colin Smith, 2-11-2020

Spiritual Renewal: Colin Smith (Evening), Colin Smith, 2-10-2020

Spiritual Renewal: Colin Smith (Morning), Colin Smith, 2-10-2020

Pastor Eric Rivera, Eric Rivera, 2-7-2020

President Paige Cunningham, Paige Cunningham, 2-5-2020

President Emeritus, Eugene Habecker, Eugene Habecker, 2-3-2020

Former Dean of Students, Walt Campbell, Walt Campbell, 1-24-2020

Pastor Jon Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 1-22-2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel, Barbara Reynolds and Taylor University, 1-20-2020

Dr. Ed Meadors, Professor of Biblical Studies, Edward P. Meadors, 1-17-2020

Jeff Aupperle, Director of Calling and Career Office, Jeffry T. Aupperle, 1-15-2020

Pastor Nate Nupanga, Nate Nupanga, 1-13-2020

Pastor Jon Cavanaugh, Jon Cavanagh, 1-10-2020

Julia Hurlow, Director of Discipleship, Julia Hurlow, 1-8-2020

Special Assistant to the President, Rev. Greg Dyson, Greg Dyson, 1-6-2020

Submissions from 2019

Silent Night, Taylor University, 12-6-2019

Christmas Chapel, Taylor University, 12-4-2019

Pastor John Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 12-2-2019

Thanksgiving Chapel, Taylor University, 11-25-2019

Dr. Corey Latta, Corey Latta, 11-22-2019

Dr. Beth Felker Jones, Beth Felker Jones, 11-18-2019

Gary Friesen, Gary Friesen, 11-15-2019

Dr. Andrew and Pastor Amy Rowell, Andrew D. Rowell and Amy Rowell, 11-12-2019

Steve Stockman, Steve Stockman, 11-11-2019

Pastor Ben Stuart, Ben Stuart, 11-8-2019

World Religions Week, Taylor University, 11-6-2019

Tony Dungy, Tony Dungy, 11-4-2019

Pastor Jon Cavanagh, Jon Cavanagh, 11-1-2019

President Paige Cunningham, Paige Cunningham, 10-30-2019

John Walton, John Walton, 10-23-2019

Kendall Vanderslice, Kendall Vanderslice, 10-21-2019

Aaron Boyd, Aaron Boyd, 10-16-2019

Pastor Paul Mumaw, Paul Mumaw, 10-9-2019

Reverend Richard Allen Farmer, Richard Allen Farmer, 10-7-2019

Alumni Awards, Taylor University, 10-4-2019

Robert Wolgemuth, Robert Wolgemuth, 10-2-2019

Dedication Service, Paige Cunningham, 9-30-2019

Dr. Sarah Farmer, Dr. Sarah Farmer, 9-25-2019

Pastor Evan Guse, Evan Guse, 9-23-2019

Pastor Dan Blosser, Dan Blosser, 9-20-2019

Matthew Sleeth, Matthew Sleeth, 9-16-2019

TWO Chapel, Taylor University, 9-13-2019

Spiritual Renewal: Darius Wise, Darius Wise, 9-11-2019

Spiritual Renewal: Rob Brendle (Evening), Rob Brendle, 9-10-2019

Spiritual Renewal: Rob Brendle, Rob Brendle, 9-9-2019

Spiritual Renewal: Darius Wise (Evening), Darius Wise, 9-9-2019

President Emeritus Dr. Eugene Habecker, Eugene Habecker, 9-4-2019

Academic Chapel, Michael Hammond, John Moore, and Taylor University, 8-30-2019

Opening Chapel, Paige Cunningham, 8-28-2019