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Within the Church today, there is a concerning lack of Bible prioritization. College students are also leaving the Church and saying farewell to the Christian faith at an unprecedented rate. Discipleship with college students has become something that is sadly overlooked. Therefore, this paper presents a philosophy for Instill Ministries which is a college ministry that strives to disciple college students through Scripture Engagement. The goal of this paper is to provide a ministry paradigm that helps local churches in college towns to intentionally disciple the students in the area. This paper describes the theological and anthropological premises that will impact how a college ministry operates. Additionally, it gives a detailed description of what an individual should look like after being involved in the ministry. However, this paper not only provides a theoretical basis for a college ministry seeking to disciple college students, but it also provides a practical basis for doing so. Through intentionally organized programs, students are welcomed into a Christian community to be discipled. As college students are being discipled, they are becoming transformed into the image of God which is the ultimate purpose of humanity.


Course: CMI 421, Philosophy & Strategies for Christian Ministries (Dr. Hank Voss)