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The November 11,1919 edition of the Taylor University Echo.


Peace Number — Pasquale Talarico Gives Recital At Taylor — Our Missionaries — Americanization Day — Echo Scores Again — “Sam the Methodist” — Patronize Our advertisers — Local Echoes — Why I Came To Taylor University — Alumni — Daily Chronicle — Hints for the Lovelorn — The Old Fashioned Gurl — The Way — The Meaning of Peace — An Announcement — Forbearance — Academy Again Beaten By Sophomores — A Call to Me — A Week’s Camping on the Delaware — Taylor’s Pressing Need — My First S. P. In T. U. — Vacation on the T. U. Campus — The Heart of a Girl — Memories — Sunset — Smiles — Dare — The Bells of Youth — Academy Seniors — New Activities in English II. — Curry Expression Club — Philo Society — Holiness League — Soangetaha Debating Club — Prayer Band — Volunteer Band — Jokes — Taylor University

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Taylor University


Upland, IN


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