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The February 15,1921 edition of the Taylor University Echo.


Henry Van Dyke — Gospel Convention Held at Upland — Story of Mary Magdalene Filmed — The Shortest Month — “Through Your Prayer” — A Christian Solution — Birthday Party — Birthday Spread — The Boss — Within His Love — Railroad Preachers — Is Full Fare Fair? — “Lord Teach Us to Pray” — Chronicle — Just A Smile — The Fall of the Lone Giant — Don’t Turn This Over — Dinner-Pail Philosophy — How’s Your Vocabulary? — Unconscious Influence — Taylor Monastery — Locals — Philos Win In Hard Fought Game — Philo Girls Win Championship for 1921 — Thalos Win in Hotly Contested Game — Faculty Steals a March in the Athletic Realm — Soangetaha — The Prayer Band — The Holiness League — Philo Program — Eureka Debating Club — Thalonian Literary Society — Eulogonian News — Student Volunteer Band — The A. M. L. A. — “He’s A Brick” — Is Evangelism Practical? — Cosque — Alumni Items — Jokes — Taylor University

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Upland, IN


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