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Recital By Music and Expression Departments — Expression Recital — Hill-Palmer Vocal Contest — Commencement Exercises — Harpist Recital — Famous Artists Pleases Taylor Audience June 7 — Philos Win Tennis Tournament — Piano, Voice, And Expression Recital — Miss Ekis Gives Recital — The Academy Senior Class Day Program — The Swept House — “More Than Conquerer” — A Parting Message From Dr. Vayhinger — Retrospect — The Speech You Didn’t Get — Chronicles — Letter Received From S. G. Rasmusson — News From Honolulu — The Shadow — He Was the Noisy Roomer — Jeremiah — Are We Consistent in Our Prayer Life — The Effect of the Y. M. C. A. Upon the Morality of the Southern Negro — Funny Findings — Taylor University

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Taylor University


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Taylor University Echo: June 21, 1921

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