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Just A Smile — Local Preachers Hold Convention — Our New Professors — Died — Dinner Pail Philosophy — Christians — How It Ended — Mrs. Vayhinger Resigns — Not Life, But Living — A Fable — Our Need — Laughter — The Samaritan — System Personified — A Description — Extracts From Lyell Rader’s Lecture — Divine Beauty — Speicher Dormitory — Eureka — Profit in Poultry — The Intercollegiate Prohibition Association — The Junior Class — The Student Volunteer Band — The Eulogonian Debating Club — Soangetaha — The United Order of Chow Eaters — Seniors — Thalonian Society — Student Government — Alumni Notes — Local Echoes — God’s Movings — Mr. Thompson Visits Taylor — A Letter — Tie Score in Baseball — Second Game, Victory for Olds — News From Berma — Chronicle — Train Schedule — What Think Ye of Christ? — To Our Alma Mater — Women — Would You Have Health — Rexal Straw Vote — The Good Teacher — A Mistake — Chuckles — Slogans — Taylor University

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Taylor University


Upland, IN






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Taylor University Echo: October 19, 1920

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