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The December 7,1920 edition of the Taylor University Echo.


Selected — Upland’s Revival — Last Wednesday’s Chapel Service — Eddyites Want Sick Benefits — Taylor Visited by Japanese Student — Quotations From Lecture by “Burns of the Mountains” — Thanksgiving Vacation — Greetings From Germany — Missionary Facts India — Train Schedule Changed — Got Her Wish — Taylor Athletics, Eurekas Win Series-Eurekas 47, Eulogonians 16 — Stray Thoughts — The Beautiful — Might As Well Lie — The Relation of Heredity to Spirituality — At the Polls on November 2 — Jarakare — Chronicle — A Gentleman Defined — “Sing Unto the Lord” — Eureka — Prayer Band — Thalonian Literary Society — Soangetaha Debating Club — Holiness League — Philalethean Literary Society — Senior College Class — Student Government — Student Volunteer Band — Eulogonian Debating Club — Curry Expression Club — Alumni Notes — Locals — Chuckles — Talking It Over — Taylor University

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Upland, IN


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