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Margaret Stahl Gives Reading — The Red and Black Revealed — Note of Appreciation — Glen Nelson Weds Miss Harris Saturday — A World Wide View — Delightful Party At Country Home — If- — A Farm Life in the Winter — An Eventful Day in the Life of a Cat — Gifts and Duties — Are We Going Back to Barbarism? — The Golden Rule the World Over — Relation of Mysticism to the Modern Church — Chronicles — Remember the Sabbath Day — Chapel Talk (Miss Draper) — Chapel Talk (B. W. Ayres) — Standing of the Basketball Series to Jan. 22, 1921 — Thalo Quintet Defeat the Philo Quintet. Thalos 20, Philos 13 — Philo Second Team Victorious-Philos 17, Thalos 14 — Prayer and Athletics — Philo Girls Win From Thalo Girls-Philos 12, Thalos 1 — Standard Bearers — Senate Briefs — The Prayer Band-It’s Growing — Philo Literary Society — Eulogonian News — Thalonian Literary Society — Eureka — Standard Bearer Birthday Party — Harding Calls for Simplicity in Inaugural — Locals — Largest Flower — Alumni Notes — Philo Social — Student Volunteer Band — Laughs — Taylor University

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Taylor University Echo: February 1, 1921

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